We have started this organization as a tool to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to this broken world. When I met Jesus, I was on my way to take my own life. I was a professional criminal, addict, famous rapper, liar, violent man and completely ruined man who had lost everything. But the light of Jesus Christ completely transformed my life. Today I am free! The chains of darkness are broken. The prison walls have collapsed.

Since I left everything to follow Jesus, I have witnessed thousands of people come to Christ. What a grace! What love! We visit security prisons, locked youth homes, broken youths, homeless and vulnerable areas. We also gather congregations from different communities to unite the body of Christ and make great efforts with the aim of shaking cities and lifting up the Name of Jesus. And watching people break out in personal freedom.

Unity for the churches of the Holy Spirit is firmly on our hearts. 

Only Jesus can set a man free. And there is now a heavenly fire burning in my heart. 

I have been knocked out of God’s love. My whole family has been transformed. Now we long to see this world transformed by the Lord Jesus. If we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and stand on the Word of God and the promises of God, we can change the world in the name of Jesus. This is my full conviction. 

We started traveling in Sweden. Now we also travel in Norway, Finland, Poland, Iceland and Russia and see breakthroughs in place after place. The Lord is coming soon. It is a lot of work but when you see all transformed lives it is worth everything! The team that the Lord has given me has been tested in fire and we have all been in the front line together. 

We need intercessors and partners. We need you! Feel free to stand with us.

Sebastian Stakset

Founder / Evangelist

Isabella Stakset

Accommodation- & booking coordinator

Carl-Gustaf Severin

Mentor / Evangelist

Monika Severin

Event coordinator

Kenneth Lillqvist

Worship leader / Music Director

Jan Lund

Economic Coordinator

Simon Sjöö

Film & Design

Ruben Agnarsson

Chairman / Press

Andreas Westman


Thomas Nordberg

National prayer coordinator

Bo & Stella Ahlvin

Preparation and follow-up

Samuel Jonsson

Outreach coordinator

Linn Lindeman


Dennis Shepherd

Social work

Henrik Karlsson

Social work