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Bara ljuset kan besegra mörkret

Stakset depicts the life – from childhood to today – with wide-open eyes and a merciless honesty. He who used to be a violent man, full of hatred, today speaks of forgiveness and sees crowds of people transformed by God’s love and light. In addition to “ordinary people”, it is from drug dealers, drug addicts to teenagers in institutions and interns at prisons that receive the light and love that is in Jesus. Several of these share their dramatic testimonies in this book.


Genom vatten och eld

Just over a year after the solo debut 2017, Sebastian Stakset releases his second album; “Through water and fire”. The inspiration for the songs on the record comes from Sebastian’s meetings with all the thousands of people he met during the lectures he has done around Sweden and Norway for the past two years. After a life of darkness and hatred, a wave of love is bubbling inside his heart and he wants to, with the help of his own experience, inspire people to choose a different path in life.

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