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We have started this organization as a tool to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to this broken world.

Only Jesus can set a man free. And there is a heavenly fire burning in our hearts.


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“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”

Mark 16:15

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Sebastians latest album!

Genom vatten och eld

Just over a year after the solo debut 2017, Sebastian Stakset releases his second album; “Through water and fire”. The inspiration for the songs on the record comes from Sebastian’s meetings with all the thousands of people he met during the lectures he has done around Sweden and Norway for the past two years. After a life of darkness and hatred, a wave of love is bubbling inside his heart and he wants to, with the help of his own experience, inspire people to choose a different path in life.

Bara ljuset kan besegra mörkret

Stakset skildrar sitt liv – från barndomen till idag – med vidöppna ögon och en skoningslös ärlighet. Han som tidigare var en våldsman, fylld av hat, talar idag om förlåtelse och får se skaror av människor förvandlas av Guds kärlek och ljus. Förutom ”vanligt folk” är det alltifrån knarkhandlare, narkotikamissbrukare till tonåringar på institutioner och interner på fängelser som tar emot ljuset och kärleken som finns hos Jesus. Flera av dessa delar med sig av sina dramatiska vittnesmål i denna bok.  

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10-12 April 2020

Det Finns Hopp – Arena Tour

Det Finns Hopp intar Sparbanken Arena i Lidköping

24 SEPT 2019

Vasa, Finland

I was a bitter, angry and broken girl who went in and out of locked wards in psychiatry and substance abuse treatment. After 15 years of abuse, both myself and society had given up hope on me. There was nothing you could do. So with cuts on my arms, scars in my arms and a broken soul, I was on my way to take my life one evening. Everything could have ended there, but in a miraculous way, I ran straight into God’s open arms and from that day on I have been whole. He took everything dark and replaced it with light! – Linn



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